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A Letter from Michael & Patricia

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and for considering us for your child. We are a fun, active, and creative couple from New Jersey. Patricia’s brother was adopted so we know first-hand what a blessing adoption is. We have always had a heart for adoption and as first-time parents, we are excited to start our family. We promise to provide a loving and supportive home for your child surrounded by family. Most importantly, we promise to love them unconditionally and provide them with the tools needed to be successful in their endeavors.

About Us

We met in the Spring of 2015 and were married in the Winter of 2018. Michael is a high school science teacher and Patricia is an accountant. We have always wanted to be parents and feel we have been called to start our family through adoption!

We love spending time with friends and family, traveling, taking nature walks, and hiking with our dog, Paige. Some of our favorite places to travel are Disney World and historical sites such as monuments, battlegrounds, and museums. We also both enjoy spending time at home cooking or baking together, crafting, playing board games, watching sports and movies, and working on home improvement projects. In our spare time, we volunteer in our local 4-H chapter as leaders of a sewing club. We look forward to sharing our love with your child and teaching them about American History, how to bake cookies, play Monopoly, do crafts/sew, and learn all about Hockey and Basketball.

About Michael

Michael is intelligent, caring, and supportive in our lives at home while volunteering and at work. He is patient and kind when helping his students and is always ready with a corny joke to lighten any mood. He would want me to also tell you that he has plenty of jokes about carrots and zucchini as well!

He is very family-oriented and makes it a point to check in with his parents, sister, and grandma at least once a week. He takes the best care of our dog, Paige, and has a servant’s heart. He is always willing to give a helping hand to anyone in need. In his spare time, he loves golfing, watching hockey and soccer, listening to music, and coaching his school’s Robotics team. Michael has his administration license and is actively working towards becoming a Vice Principal.  I know Michael will be a wonderful father and looks forward to learning about and supporting our child’s interests! Michael can’t wait to teach them how to golf, code computers, and all about Hockey – Go Rangers!

About Patricia

Patricia is a sweet, kind, and caring individual. She is very family-oriented which is no surprise since she has 4 siblings and over 30 first cousins! She loves spending time with family whether that be at sporting events, game nights, family parties, and even at work!

Patricia is an accountant at her family’s accounting firm; which gives her great flexibility for a good work-life balance. While off-the-clock, Patricia can be found enjoying a nice book, working on a sewing project, baking a special treat for someone, or playing catch with our dog outside. Play a little 90’s music or Broadway Showtunes and she is off singing her heart out. I know she is looking forward to giving our child a nurturing, supportive home and teaching them all about the Backstreet Boys!

Our Family and Friends

We see our families frequently and talk with them multiple times a week. Patricia comes from a very close, large extended family while Michael comes from a much smaller family. This gives us the best of both worlds! We love spending time together whether at family get-togethers, holidays, going on vacations, or hosting game nights.

We also have many friends that we love spending time with. We frequently get together with them and their children to go apple and pumpkin picking, play at a park, go for a swim or visit a museum. Between our family and friends, we have an amazing support group that is looking forward to welcoming your baby into our home.

Our New Jersey Home

We live in a two-bedroom fully remodeled townhouse. Our community has a playground, basketball court, tennis courts, and a swimming pool. The inside of our home is bright and filled with lots of photos. We have a large shared backyard which is perfect for picnics and playing outside. There are many young children in our neighborhood who are always outside riding bikes together, building snowmen or playing with sidewalk chalk.  The nursery has been furnished and ready for life.  We have a growing collection of books ready for use, and can’t wait to fill it the draws with awesome outfits as your child grows.

Our Promise

We promise to love and support your child through their endeavors. We will provide them with a life full of fun and laughter. We promise to provide your child with every opportunity we can and let them know how blessed we are to have become a family through adoption. We would like to stay in contact through letters, pictures, and visits.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Michael & Patricia

  Michael Patricia
Our EducationMA in Educational LeadershipMasters in Business Administration
Our ProfessionsTeacherAccountant
Stay-At-HomeNoNo; however I have the ability to work from home
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Michael & Patricia's Favorites
Disney MoviesWall-EBeauty and the Beast
VacationsCaribbean CruiseDisney World
Olympic SportsCurlingSwimming
Children's BooksThe Very Hungry CaterpillarPeter Rabbit
Musical Artists/BandsBilly JoelBackstreet Boys
Board GamesMonopolyHollywood Game Night
More About Our Family
Our Involvement in 4-H

Patricia was in a 4-H sewing club growing up and has many great memories from them. We believe that 4-H is a fantastic organization that helps build character and allows kids to find common interests. We both volunteer as leaders of a sewing club, and have important roles in the association that keeps the program free for all families. We also volunteer at the fair running crafts, spinning cotton candy, and selling iced drinks at the café. Patricia is even the treasurer of the entire county organization. We look forward to getting a child involved in the one or a few of the hundreds of clubs available to let them explore any interest they desire.

Our Faith

Patricia is a practicing Catholic and Michael grew up as a Reformed Jew. We both attend mass together on Sundays and are committed to raising your child in the Catholic faith. We will celebrate all Catholic holidays and some Jewish services, such as the Passover Seder. We will encourage your child to become involved in the church whether that be in choir or as an alter server, activities that Patricia enjoyed participating in as a child.

Our Traditions

We love continuing our traditions each year as well as starting new ones. Some traditions we have include going to the Drive-In theatre every Memorial Day weekend and going apple picking every fall. At Halloween, we love visiting our local farm festival to pick pumpkins and walk through the corn maze. Every Christmas season we love to bake cookies together and bring them to family members.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 years old


We would more than happy to adopt twins.


Either Gender

Sibling Group

Yes with the oldest up to 2 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We will love your child unconditionally and promise to provide them with every opportunity we can. We hope you will consider us to be a part of your adoption journey. We promise to keep in contact with your through letters, photos and visits. We look forward to getting to know you!

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