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A Letter from Jim & Lacie

Love makes a family, and we are grateful to expand that love. We have a great balance of fun and stability in our household and strive (every day) to instill good values in our son Luke. We look forward to sharing simple movie nights at home, outdoor time at the local playground, and family vacations at the beach. As you get to know more about us, we hope we provide comfort and transparency in the illustration of why our family would be the right match for your child.

Our Story

We came together through mutual friends and are now married for seven years. As individuals being a parent always meant a lot, and we were fortunate to welcome our son Luke into the world in 2015.

As a family we enjoy:

-Being silly,
-Playing/exploring outdoors,
-Movie nights,
-Game nights,
-Vacations at the beach,
-Chilly walks in the Fall and,
-Celebrating our favorite holidays Halloween and Christmas.

There are days when life is low-key and it’s a Netflix and PJs kind of day, but there are also days that are filled with adventure such as, exploring the outdoors, playing at the local playground, window shopping or stopping by the splash pad at the outdoor shopping center, swimming at Lacie’s parent’s, or letting energy out at the trampoline park. We believe that balance is important.

Our journey to adoption began with the desire to grow our family that evolved into supporting a birth family looking for peace of mind, to opening our hearts completely. We look forward to learning about and from the beautiful family in waiting and look forward to enriching our lives through our “party of 3” becoming a “party of 4.”

Fun-loving and Outgoing, Meet Jim! (Written by Lacie)

When I think about Jim, fun-loving and outgoing are two qualities that come to mind. He is the type of person that reminds you not to sweat the small stuff. His great sense of humor and playful demeanor make it easy for him to always find the fun in any situation.

He is a hard-working professional and enjoys sports of all kinds. Watching Ohio State, engaging in NFL fantasy, and playing pick-up basketball games are some of his favorite hobbies.

Jim also enjoys:
-The snow! He is the first one throwing snowballs or building a snow fort,
-Decorating our home for Halloween and Christmas and,
-Night runs for exercise.

Jim looks forward to sharing his interests and including your child in the fun and silly games Luke and him play together, but mostly he looks forward to being a present father of two and bonding over whatever makes your child happy.

Selfless and Dependable, Meet Lacie! (Written by Jim)

When I think about Lacie, she is someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and is very open with how she feels. Her selflessness as a mom and partner truly keeps our family moving forward.

Being a mom is something that Lacie enjoys most. She makes a point to capture all the special moments, provides encouragement, and endless comfort. The connection she has with our son is something I observe with pride every day. She is also a hard-working professional which is another aspect of her I truly admire.

Lacie also enjoys:
-Cooking! Especially our favorite comfort foods,
-Board Games / Game nights,
-Engrossing in self-help/love books and podcasts (Jay Shetty is a favorite) and,
-Online shopping to “hunt” for unique finds and organization gadgets.

Lacie looks forward to sharing her interests, enjoying family time during game nights and ocean-side vacations, but mostly she looks forward to extending love and support so your child feels comfortable and knows their happiness is a priority.

Our Son and Family

Fun, empathetic, and kind are just a few words that describe our son Luke.

Luke enjoys:
-Video games,
-Being outside and,
-Exploring his imagination.

He has always wanted to be a big brother and looks forward to sharing the love of our family, having someone other than “mommy and daddy” to play with, and is excited to show and teach all that he’s learned in life thus far.

Our extended family also looks forward to growing our family through adoption. We both grew up in tight-knit families and are fortunate to have much of our family nearby to share our lives with. We always get together for holidays, birthdays, and sometimes just for dinner. Their homes (as well as ours) is always a welcoming place.

Our hearts are open to what the future holds and we look forward to experiencing the relationship between siblings and extended family firsthand.

Our Home in Pennsylvania

Our home is a ranch-style design with a touch of farmhouse decor on the inside. Simple and cozy is what we are drawn to. Our home is shared with two loving cats, has a fully finished basement with a dedicated play area (although toys are “welcomed” throughout the home), lots of outdoor space, and is located in a wonderful neighborhood. We’re in the process of getting your child’s room is ready! In the near term, we do plan to expand our home by adding another story.

We are surrounded by:
-Great neighbors with plenty of other kids to play,
-Within a respected school district, in fact, the updated elementary school is right across the street and,
-We are also within walking distance from the newly developed park, and even the local fire department.

We are truly centralized to all our needs.

Our Promise

We want you to know that you will always have a special place in our hearts. As your child matures, we promise to tell them about you and the events that led them into our lives. We will share that your decision came from a place of love and compassion and that our family was chosen as an extension of that love and compassion.

We promise to be by your child’s side through all ups and downs they encounter and are committed to doing our best for them- always.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Jim & Lacie

  Jim Lacie
Our EducationB.S. BusinessB.A Communication
Our ProfessionsSales Account Manager (Advertising)Manager Training and Communication (Compliance)
Stay-At-HomeCurrently working from home and on the road.Currently working from home.
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Jim & Lacie's Favorites
SeasonFall. Chilly night walks are the best.Fall. I love the beauty of the colors that develop from the season changing.
Vacation DestinationThe Beach. Being in the ocean and watching our son play in the sand is a favorite memory to look back on.The Beach. The calmness of the beach environment washes away the day-to-day stress, plus having uninterrupted family time fills my heart.
Ice CreamStrawberryVanilla Peanut Butter
FoodPizzaMexican or Thai
HobbySports. Especially basketball and anything Ohio State.Cooking, self-help/love books and podcasts, game nights, and movie nights
Quote"I didn't come this far, to only come this far.""Always be a little kinder than necessary."
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Jim - Love of biology, science, sports (especially basketball / anything Ohio State), and listening to sales podcasts to up his selling “game.”

Lacie - Love of cooking, organization, self-help/love books and podcasts, online shopping for unique finds, and the ever-expanding passion of being a mom.

As a family - Popcorn filled movie nights, playing in the back yard (bubbles are a must), Summer adventures at the beach, chilly walks in the Fall, dancing around being silly to our favorite songs, and enjoying our favorite holiday celebrations during Halloween and Christmas.

Our Faith

We believe in and follow Christian values. We also believe in the importance of being a good person and understanding that faith may come disguised in ordinary days and typical conversations. Those ordinary days and typical conversations can all be rich, beautiful, faith-affirming experiences that do so much for your soul.

Our Musical Interest

We love music! During happy moments, frustrating moments, sad moments, etc. Music is an outlet of all the moments for our family. We love hearing a song or lyrics that totally apply to a current situation(s). Music is truly the "shorthand of emotion."

About Our Home

Our home has lots of outdoor space and is located in a wonderful neighborhood. We are surrounded by great neighbors with lots of other kids to play, and within a respected school district. We are lucky to be right across the street from a newly developed park with lots of future activities to come, an updated elementary school, and even the local fire department. We are truly centralized to all our needs.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Open to a newborn to 6 year old.


Open to a child of any gender.

In Closing

Thank you for opening your heart and your child’s future to our family. We are grateful. We look forward to sharing our fun-loving dynamic, the quite moments on low-key days, the exciting moments on days filled with adventure, but most importantly we look forward to sharing the love of our family with your child. We promise to provide a safe and supportive home filled with love, laughter, and enrichment. We are open to whatever level of contact you are comfortable with and look forward to sharing your child’s milestones along the way.

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