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A Letter from Daniel & Laura Scott

Hello from Tennessee. We love exploring our city by finding the best restaurants, supporting our local football (the European form) team, and hanging out with friends. When we are not busy coaching or watching sports, we enjoy hiking and camping together. We also have fun taking our dogs on weekend trips to read, relax, and rest.

We are so excited to be on the journey to adoption. We have a village of people who have been surrounding and supporting us on this journey and are so excited to love and nurture our child. We believe in the power of open adoption and are honored that you would consider us to be a part of your journey!

A Little About Us

We met in high school at youth group and have been married for 5 1/2 years now. We have always wanted a big family and, after struggling with infertility for a few years, we feel excited to grow our family through adoption.

We have a personal relationship with Jesus and love having people over for dinner, watching and coaching sports, and traveling to different places where we soak up as much of the local culture as possible. We believe deeply in racial justice, investing in authentic relationships, and doing our own work in therapy to have compassion and perspective for ourselves and others. We look forward to celebrating different cultures and people with our child, helping them understand different perspectives, sharing our faith with them, and including them in our travels and adventures.

Our Home in Tennessee

Our open floor plan home has 3 bedrooms (one of which we are currently turning into the nursery) and a fenced-in backyard for our family to enjoy. We love walking our dogs (Kez and Cora) with the kids in the neighborhood, getting to know neighbors, and sitting on our front porch together with a good book. Our neighborhood is about 2 miles from downtown, and we are excited to explore our city on bike and foot with our kiddo.

We intentionally moved into our culturally diverse neighborhood in 2021 because of our passion for people and learning. We have learned so much from our neighbors, and they have become our friends and community. They are as excited as we are for our growing family and look forward to being good neighbors, mentors, and friends to our child.

Meet Laura Scott

Laura Scott truly cares for those around her and is always looking to help. She loves deeply and authentically and is going to be a fantastic mother.

Laura Scott’s favorite thing in the world is spending the day with a latté, a pastry, and a good friend. She loves baking sourdough and other yummy pastries and is always down to make a fun meal with a group of people over. She cannot wait to teach our child how to cook and join in the fun (and messy) adventure of preparing and enjoying food with loved ones!

Laura Scott loves coaching volleyball and mentoring kids. Her passion is speaking Spanish and cannot wait to teach our kiddo! You can find her going to yoga, being a foodie, and cherishing time with good friends. She is excited to share her passion for community and hospitality with our child, just as her mom did with her.

Meet Daniel

My favorite thing about Daniel is his steady personality and his quiet wisdom. He’s the person who friends can count on and who will always be himself in every situation.

Daniel teaches U.S. History at a local middle school and loves teaching kids more about humanity through project-based learning and local field trips. He is always down for a history conversation and cares deeply for his students and teaching. He also enjoys coaching soccer (or should I say football?) and co-coaching volleyball with me.

Daniel is passionate about public transportation, the public school system, and historiography. He enjoys hiking, playing with our dogs, and spending time traveling. He’s excited to teach our child to hike and camp, as well as spend Saturdays in the local library, instilling a love of learning.

Our Village

We are thrilled to introduce our child to the family and friends who have supported us so much on this journey. Hardly a week goes by where we are not reminded of how loved and blessed we are.

We both have large supportive families who are excited about our adoption!  Daniel is the oldest of 3 and has one niece. His parents are building a lake house in South Carolina, and we look forward to family gatherings a the lake as often as possible. Laura Scott is the oldest of four, and the moment she told her siblings we were adopting, they began discussing what they wanted the baby to call them.

Both of our families have been personally blessed by adoption. Daniel’s mom has two siblings who were adopted, and Laura Scott is very close to her cousin, who was adopted. One of our best friends was also adopted, so we have a lot of friends and family with experience to share.

Our Promise To You

We are honored to be considered as part of your adoption journey. We promise to always speak about you openly and lovingly, ensuring that your child will grow up knowing your love and their story. We promise to love them entirely, without conditions, and with the same love that the Lord has for His children.

We promise to provide our child with resources and opportunities to learn about their heritage and culture, along with those that are different from theirs. We look forward to teaching them to be curious, practice compassion, speak out for justice, and express their emotions. We promise to listen intently and apologize when we are wrong.

We are excited about the responsibility of parenthood – both the fun and the messy parts. We are praying for you on your journey!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Daniel & Laura Scott

  Daniel Laura Scott
My EducationMasters of Arts in TeachingMasters of Social Work Candidate
My ProfessionsSocial Studies TeacherMarketing Specialist
My Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Daniel & Laura Scott's Favorites
HobbyLiverpool FootballSpeaking Spanish
FoodPizzaVeggie Pasta
Ice Cream FlavorCookie DoughMoose Tracks
Family TraditionChristmas stockings: LS and I go to Target to get each other stocking stuffers: we sneak by each other in the store and hide the gifts for each otherbirthday snacks: we each get to pick all the snacks in the house for the week on our birthday
Place to GoCabin in North CarolinaSpain!!! (I lived there for a month)
TV ShowTed LassoThis is Us
ActivityHikingLong Walks with the Dogs
More About My Family
Bucket List

Laura Scott:
Raise our child to be bilingual
Live in Spanish-speaking cultures for the summers when Daniel has breaks from teaching
Be able to bake something out of the blue with no recipe

Go to a Liverpool game in Liverpool, England
Kick a soccer ball with Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool's coach)
Take my child to a Braves game and teach them how to keep score

Our Faith

We were both raised in Christian homes and became Christians during our childhood. We went to a Christian college where we became more committed to our faith and commitment to loving others.

We are passionate about seeking justice for vulnerable people and showing compassion for all people from various walks of life. We are convinced that our life calling is to "seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before God and men" Micah 6:8.

A Typical Weekend...

You can find us spending slow mornings with a book and a cup of coffee or tea, supporting our local football team or watching Liverpool Football (the kind you actually kick with your foot) with friends. We enjoy being self-proclaimed foodies in a town full of great restaurants. We love a good home improvement project and are currently working on painting the nursery and setting up the crib! We really like to garden but are not great at keeping up with it throughout the summer-- hopefully this year we will be better! Weekend nights with friends and good food are often penciled in on the calendar for the weekend. We are about to start trying a new church, which we are excited about and interested to see how we grow and learn through this experience.

Our Dogs

Our dogs, Keswick and Cora, are a huge part of our hearts. Keswick is the boxer/retriever and is 6 years old. She loves to snuggle, get belly rubs, EAT SUPPER, and go on walks. She loves kids and is very content to curl up next to you and spend the afternoon tucked on the couch. Cora showed up on our doorstep at 10 weeks old when the kids in our neighborhood found her in a bush. We think she is a Border Collie/ Aussie/ Pyrenees mix and is now 1 1/2. She loves to run in the park, go on walks, and chew on her bone almost as much as she loves hanging out with people when they come over and sitting weirdly on our laps.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old




No preference

Sibling Group

with the oldest up to 6 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We are eagerly awaiting the day we get to hold our baby in our arms and introduce them to the village of people supporting us. We look forward to reading to them every evening and teaching him or her Spanish. We look forward to connecting and learning more about you. We would love to discuss your hopes and desires for the future of your child and have an open connection with you at your comfort level. We promise to provide your child with a loving, stable, and supportive upbringing where they can grow up knowing their beautiful adoption story.

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