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A Letter from Chris & Carrie

Thank you for considering us for your child’s future. Despite the fact we were unable to have biological children, we’ve always yearned to be parents. In 2017 we were blessed to adopt our son, Colton, and are thrilled to adopt once more. We are prepared to unconditionally love and support your child forever. We look forward to sharing with them our passion for the great outdoors and are open to visits!


We met on a blind date in 2006 and had an instant connection. 4 years later we were married! We’re outgoing, fun, and up for any adventure. We believe life was meant to be enjoyed and try to make the best of any situation.  Early on in our marriage, we wanted to grow our family, but infertility is what led us to adoption. Our son, Colton, joined our family in 2017 through adoption and we have been immeasurably blessed to be his parents.  As a family; we like playing sports, movie nights (usually in a fort), walks in the neighborhood in the red wagon that Carrie used as a child, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. We also love animals and have several pets of our own. We look forward to sharing our passions with your child and creating new memories with them while helping them to grow into their best self. 

ABOUT CARRIE (from Chris)

Carrie is a kind, genuine patient, and loving woman. She always sees the best in others and excels in her career in marketing where her creativity and organization skills shine. She enjoys being outdoors, the arts, piano, singing, and dancing. Carrie is a regular volunteer at our church, loves spending time with family and friends.  Carrie always putting our family first and finds ways to make even mundane activities fun. She always extends grace and compassion, kisses boo-boos, encourages independence, and loves unconditionally. Carrie loves snuggling with Colton before bedtime where they make silly faces to get each other to laugh, read stories and talk about the day. Carrie looks forward to singing Amazing Grace while rocking our next child to sleep, playing make-believe with them, and making silly faces to make them laugh.

ABOUT CHRIS (from Carrie)

Expect the unexpected with Chris, he is adventurous, funny, and always up for a good time. He is a natural leader, his ability to get everyone on board translates well to his profession as a project manager for a roofing company.  He loves sports and participates in the local soccer and kickball teams. He also enjoys playing video games and working on small projects around the house. Chris is the kind of father who wakes up early to make pancakes on Saturdays, can make a fort out of anything, has the patience to teach new skills like kicking the ball, and lets you stay up a little past bedtime on occasion.  Most days you can find Chris and Colton playfully wrestling on the couch and dancing to music in the kitchen before bed. Chris looks forward to sharing his love for sports with the new baby as well as his love for all things, sun, sand, and ocean during our annual beach vacations. 


Our son, Colton, joined our family in 2017 through adoption. We cherish the relationship we were able to create with his birth parents.  Colton is a curious toddler who loves to explore and learn how things work. He enjoys blocks, dinosaurs, cars, and playing on the swing set. Sibling bonds have been very important in our lives and we want to foster that environment for our growing family.  

Chris has a large family and they live nearby so we get together a lot. Sometimes it’s just to visit or for cookouts, pool parties, and sports. Your child will get to grow up playing with many cousins and building wonderful memories. Some of our favorite memories are ringing in the New Year and going on vacation to the beach together each year. Some of our traditions include watching fireflies and fireworks on July 4th and going out on the boat with the family. Both of our families are overjoyed we are growing our family again through adoption.


What we love most about our home is that it is our forever home! Over the past 11 years, we have renovated most of our 4-bedroom home and have enjoyed making it our own.  We have a large backyard with a swing set and love decorating for the holidays. We also love the location of our home as we have close friends who live in the neighborhood and family that are minutes away. The neighborhood streets are tree-lined with a lot of squirrels and rabbits that frequent the area. We are close to many stores, restaurants, parks and the zoo and visit them often. 


The most important thing to us is the love and relationships we share with others. We promise that your child will grow up knowing that they are loved deeply by you, by us, and by our Heavenly Father. We look forward to sharing in Saturday morning pancakes, walks around the neighborhood in the red wagon, and our yearly beach vacation with your child. We, along with our families, are overjoyed and ready to welcome your child into our family and we cannot wait to give this child a life full of love, education, exploration, and wonderful memories.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Chris & Carrie

  Chris Carrie
Our EducationSome CollegeMaster's Degree
Our ProfessionsProject ManagementMarketing
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Chris & Carrie's Favorites
Favorite FoodLasagnaFish Tacos
Favorite HolidayLabor Day WeekendChristmas
Favorite TV ShowThe Office, Brooklyn 99The Office, Parks and Recreation
Favorite BeachHilton Head IslandRosemary Beach
Favorite Childhood MemoryMeeting Brett Farve at a steakhouseFamily vacation out west to see the Rocky Mountains and Grand Canyon
Favorite Coffee OrderNone - not a coffee fanChai tea latte with a shot of espresso
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We continually look for ways to be outdoors, whether it is hanging out in the backyard, walking in the neighborhood, playing sports, or traveling to the beach, we find joy and comfort in nature. We look forward every year to our beach vacation and find much joy in the beautiful scenery and sounds of the ocean. In addition to being outdoors, we have a passion for animals. Prior to adopting our son, we were active in the animal rescue community and fostered many dogs over the years. While we've put our rescue efforts on pause to raise our family we hope one day in the future we can help out our furry friends again. We have four dogs and two cats that are permanently ours and they are beloved by all in our family. They all embraced Colton when he joined the family and you can usually find them running around with Colton in the backyard, snuggling with him on the couch, and sneaking around the dinner table hoping he drops something.

Our Faith

We are active members of our local church where we volunteer once a month to teach Sunday School and Carrie is also involved in a weekly Bible study. While our activities in the church ground us in fellowship and community, it is our personal relationship with Jesus that guides us each day. We try to show the love of Jesus every day, to everybody, everywhere in our daily routines. We have relied on our faith to carry us through many of life's challenges. We have seen how God has moved purposefully and graciously to enrich our lives by becoming parents through adoption.

Our Musical Interests

Our families are all big fans of music and a wide variety of music at that. Carrie started playing piano in kindergarten and was involved in musical theater, dance and choir throughout school and continued to dance in college. While Chris likes all genres of music he particularly likes classic rock. Colton enjoys listening to music and singing (the best is when he makes up words) his favorite song to sing is Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. Your child will certainly be surrounded by a family who enjoys music.

More about Our Home

Our house is our forever home.
On Saturdays, we all sit at the kitchen island while Chris makes pancakes on the griddle, where he is always adding something fun to the pancake recipe. We have a special spot where we mark Colton's height on the wall and look forward to seeing new tick marks as we watch your child grow.
Our neighborhood is well established, with friendly people and an incredible place to take walks and visit with neighbors on our strolls. Our next-door neighbor has a large vegetable garden and each year we look forward to all the fresh veggies they share.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 18 Months




Either gender

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time and allowing us to share more about our family. We are delighted to grow our family through adoption again and we look forward to embracing and sharing our life with your child and hope to speak with you soon!

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